Mike Allmey - Chairman

No one told about this bit of our website when I volunteered. So. What to say / own up to? I’ve been in the EMLRA since 1997-ish and was on the committee and Newsletter Editor for the period 2001-2010. After the loss of Jeff as our Chairman, I was asked, asked again and eventually arm-wrestled into taking the role over. Clearly everyone has forgotten what I did on the committee the first time around, so let’s see how long it takes anyone to notice this time…

Despite just about everything changing in life since I joined, two things have remained constant. I’ve owned my 1980 RAF Ambulance since 1995 and my 110GS V8 since 2001. There was also an ex-RAF 1976 109GS in the late Eighties and a 101FC Ambulance in 1999 for three years along with a slow-rotating cast of normal Land Rovers as the daily driver, but the Ambulance and 110 have been the constants. The Ambulance is a brilliant exhibit (and over-sized Dinky toy) and the 110 is just such a useful Thing to have available.

You’re unlikely to see me at the Big Events, although I have done the NEC Classic Car Show many times. Oddly, it’s the NEC where I have met the Ambulance’s driver from Operation Bold Grouse, it’s mechanic from RAF Cranwell and another Cranwell medic who’d sat on the offside front wing and dished it – it’s still that shape. Generally, however, I prefer the smaller, local show where either very little happens beyond coffee and ice-cream, or someone finds you who remembers using this sort of thing and you’ve just made their day.

Land Rovers: it’s a Condition!