General Service (GS) lightweight trailer

Designed to be towed by the Land Rover XD (aka “Wolf”) the trailer chassis is constructed from welded steel members to form a platform which carries a formed stainless-steel body. The body is flat floored with wheel arches protruding into the floor space.  A hinged tailgate is provided at the rear of the body.

A standard size fixed towing eye and damper are attached to the drawbar extension of the chassis.  A fully adjustable wind down jockey wheel is attached to the drawbar.

The chassis members support rear stands and CES stowage boxes.  The rear cross member is fitted with a tow hitch

A single beam axle on two longitudinal, semi-elliptical leaf springs is attached to hangar brackets on the chassis, together with two telescopic shock absorbers, check straps and rubber springs.  A transverse anti-roll bar is connected across the axle.

The trailer has hydraulic overrun disc brakes with an automatic reversing device incorporated, this allows reversing to take place without a mechanical operation being applied. A mechanical handbrake is provided on the drawbar.  A breakaway safety cable is connected to the handbrake linkage.  Brake pad wear is compensated for automatically within the hydraulic callipers during main braking operation.

The trailer electric circuit operates and is controlled from the towing vehicles 24V dc supply via a NATO standard socket.  The lighting consists of normal tail, brake, turn, rear fog and convoy plate light and front runner white lights.  Reflectors are fitted to the front, sides and rear.  12v dc operation is possible by simply swapping bulbs if required to suit the tow vehicle

Wheels and tyres are standard XD “Wolf” pattern.



  • Unladen 620kg
  • Payload 1,130kg
  • Laden 1,750kg