Contact us

To direct your message to the right person please note the examples below of who should be contacted for what.


Events liaison officer
  • To enquire about the Club and members attending a display/event/parade
  • To enquire about the use of Club members vehicles for film or television work
  • To enquire about the Club's charity work


Newsletter editor
  • To enquire about the Newsletter or published articles
  • To submit or discuss an article for publication in the Club Newsletter
  • To place adverts in the club Newsletter and on the Club website - vehicles, parts and equipment you'd like to sell to club members
  • To put requests for parts or vehicles in the club Newsletter and on the Club website - perfect for that hard to find item another member may have lying around in their garage


Membership officer
  • To enquire about joining the Club
  • To enquire about your Club membership or renewal
  • To provide an update of Club records with your vehicle details


Data protection officer
  • To enquire about the Club's data protection policy
  • To enquire about the type of information the Club holds on you as a member


Forum administrator
  • To enquire about the Club's forum
  • For help with forum login problems

Website administrator
  • To enquire about the Club's website
  • To submit content for the website
  • For help with website login problems