I thought that members might be interested in seeing these photos, which I took at RAF Cosford in early June (2001). They show a RAF Defender 110, Helicopter Start and Servicing Support, vehicle attached to 33 Sqn RAF (RAF Benson).

I took two views earlier in the day, later I was very lucky in that I happened to be walking past the Westland Puma when the aircrew wanted to check it over.

So they brought round the 110 in order to get on top, and opened some of the panels on the aircraft's tail boom. What really tickled me was that the Land Rovers roof safety cage was not put up and, when he had finished, he jumped down onto the bonnet and off the front of the vehicle instead of using the ladder at the back!

This vehicle is winterised and has the roof escape hatch. It is capable of jump-starting helicopters.



Article and photo supplied by Mark Cook (abridged from EMLRA Newsletter Issue 61, October 2001)