Rover 8 "Jeffrey"

Rover 1 The Lightweight
Minerva 101 Forward Control
88" and 109" 90 and 110
The VPK in Northern Ireland Shorland SB301
The Military Land Rover Ambulance The VPK Ambulance
Military Carawagon 10 FG 51 SAS Pink Panther
FC 82 - The 110 V8 Forward Control Radio Jammer
Line Layer Helicopter Support
ELA 830J - The first military Range Rover The 101 Vampire

A considerable variation of the Land Rover used in military circles can be found within the Association. One regular topic of conversation is that of the Series III 109 - there were thousands in service, yet where have they all gone? It would appear that their very common nature has now lead to the reverse problem - a sudden and irreversible rarity. If you happen to own a "bog-standard" 109 GS then don't be shy - it is every bit as important as, for example, a 101 Vampire (only 16 made).

The Vehicle Selection section is split into generic groups, each section containing details and pictures of the relevant vehicles. Some more detailed pictures have been included of the more unusual subjects for the benefit of model makers needing more information, or even other owners trying to work out what's missing from their vehicle*. Should this be the case, both EMLRA and the vehicle owner would appreciate the credit. Many of the vehicles here will have been featured in the EMLRA Newsletter.

* A wheel at each corner!