Contact us

To direct your message to the right person please note the examples below of who should be contacted for what.


Events liaison officer
  • To enquire about the Club and members attending a display/event/parade
  • To enquire about the use of Club members vehicles for film or television work
  • To enquire about the Club's charity work


Newsletter editor
  • To enquire about the Newsletter or published articles
  • To submit or discuss an article for publication in the Club Newsletter
  • To place adverts in the club Newsletter and on the Club website - vehicles, parts and equipment you'd like to sell to club members
  • To put requests for parts or vehicles in the club Newsletter and on the Club website - perfect for that hard to find item another member may have lying around in their garage


Membership officer
  • To enquire about joining the Club
  • To enquire about your Club membership or renewal
  • To provide an update of Club records with your vehicle details


Data protection officer
  • To enquire about the Club's data protection policy
  • To enquire about the type of information the Club holds on you as a member

EMLRA displays and events


The Ex-Military Land Rover Association takes part in many Land Rover and Military shows across the country. Members generally get free entry to these sites when displaying.

Attending shows is a great way to meet other members and  helps the EMLRA promote the operation, restoration and preservation of ex-Military Land Rovers.  Club stands have a nice community feel and are a great way to share the enthusiasm for ex-military Land Rovers.

Whilst attending official EMLRA events you are also covered by our public liability insurance, which is reassuring to know.

If you're a club member and want to know more about planned displays and events take a look at your latest newsletter.

To suggest new events or for general queries regarding displays and events please contact our Events liaison officer.


Show List

For a list of the shows and events EMLRA are taking part in this year take a look at the Latest show list.

The list may be updated from time to time so make sure you keep checking for new events.


The Ex-Military Land Rover Association was set up with the following aims:

    • Promote the operation, restoration and preservation of ex-Military Land Rovers, and the interest in them.
    • Support this aim by promoting events and shows, attending established vehicle shows, and by organising Association meetings for members to socialise and display their vehicles.
    • Provide members with information, advice and assistance concerning ex-Military Land Rovers. Encourage research and accumulation of documents, photographs and other relevant material by the Association.
    • Afford members such benefits and privileges as it may be possible.
    • Operate a club merchandising service for the supply of badges, books, promotional clothing and other items for the benefit of members.

Ownership of a military Land Rover is not a condition of membership and many members are unable or unwilling to attend shows. There is a bi-monthly Newsletter to inform members of show dates and other events, and publishes a range of articles relating to the history and ownership of these vehicles. Members also have full access to the EMLRA  Forum and EMLRA FaceBook group.  So, if you have an interest in ex-military Land Rovers, we would welcome you as a member of the Association.

For more details on how to join visit our Membership page.

The EMLRA Forum has always been free, you don't have to be in the EMLRA to join it.