John Butcher - Membership Officer

  John Butcher is the Membership Secretary, a post he has held, with two breaks, since 2001.
He has had Land Rovers since about 1989 and for about 26 years has been the custodian of 68 FL 95, the 101 Forward Control Radio Truck and 84 KB 57 the Airportable. The philosophy is keep them running, use them a bit, and bear in mind that when they were in the service, shiny paint was not an asset! We also run Land Rover civilian vehicles, the latest being a Freelander 2.

John's job for EMLRA is to keep the membership records up-to-date and secure, register new entries and changes, and encourage the members to renew by issuing reminders; also to act as a general contact for membership and initially for enquiries about EMLRA.

With interests in amateur radio, railways, and engineering generally, John is willing to have a go at many Land Rover maintenance tasks and has picked up a fair amount of experience on the way, though his proper job before he retired was as an electrical power engineer with special emphasis on safety. It would be remiss to forget to say that he is supported, guided and mostly kept in line by wife Julie.