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Dave Simpkins – Committee Member

  My name is Dave Simpkins, I am married to Liz and live in Milton Keynes, we have two grown up sons who have no interest in LR’s except when their cars break down or they want to move something, however our grandson has a growing interest in them which we are encouraging. My working life has been in the construction industry and currently me and my team manage asbestos and other hazardous materials within the company that manages maintenance on a third of the London underground.

I have been a member of the EMLRA for over 16 years and on the committee for over 10years, most of the time as chairman. I gave up the chairmanship last year due to work pressures and also felt the role needed new blood.

My first military Land Rover was a GS 109, soon followed by a 24v 109 which I have owned for 16 years, then a 110 V8, then a winterised 110 wader which I still own. I also have a narrow track Sankey trailer, and a wide track field kitchen. I regret having sold the GS109 as when I bought it they were two a penny, but now a standard unmolested GS is quite rare on the show scene.